What does it take to create awesome content (for real)

Anthony Acosta
3 min readSep 7, 2016
Achieve Greatness with your content

We all know that content is king. It’s the key to increase traffic, increase engagement, and experience the rush of success. So, since we all know we need to create quality content, the question is… HOW? What does it take?

Collaboration is the key. One person can do it all, but having a singular person creating all the elements required for a great post can come at a price. Lack of vision. Collaboration offers the ability to have your content tested and gives you feedback to your content, allowing you to revise, refine, and re-create your content from a variety of perspectives, giving you the ability to go from good to great content.

More than one person should be involved in every single post. Here is a loose breakdown of the roles that should be included.

The Author: This person is tasked with writing the post. The post can be anything you like, from a news story, to tips, to answering common questions, or informing to inspire action. This person will be creating what constitutes the meat / core of the project.

The Graphics Designer: This person should be able to take the content that the author has written, and create good looking graphics / photos to include in the story. The quality of the images should always be superb, and will act in concert with the rest of your site to create curiosity and engage the visitor with incentive to read the story.

Videographer?: While not necessary on every post. You should evaluate and consider the value of including a video to accompany and support the post. This can be as simple as a slideshow with someone reading the story, to B-Roll or even a full news report.

Boss/Editor: This person is charged with editorial oversight and will have the responsibility to proof-read and to make changes to the content. Nothing should go out/get posted until the Editor has signed off on it.

Why all this? Well… by creating this kind of process, you develop an interesting side effect. By including multiple people in the creation process, you’re enabling a built in quality control. Each person looking at the content will be able to basically “test” your content for comprehension and for interestingness. There is a high level of clarity and detail to each piece of content that you want to achieve.

If you’re happy with your content and think that it’s pretty good, chances are, you missing the opportunity to create GREAT content thereby elevating your site to a whole new level of success.

Remember, good is the enemy of great!

Good is the Enemy of Great! — Jim Collins



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