There are a few basic rules to follow for structure and then there’s the content.

The Basic Rules*

Use short sentences.

Use a short first paragraph (The Lead)

Be eloquent and energetic

Be positive not neutral or negative

*These are also known as Hemingway’s rules

About the lead

The lead is the intro to a story…

Many companies think that buying advertising online is pretty straight forward. You fill out the forms, pay, and viola! Success! Then they wonder why their sales didn’t increase, or why customers haven’t come into their stores. They spent the money, right? They spent 5 minutes creating the banner, right? That’s…

Developing a Logo, a Brand, and Brand Indicators

Image courtesy of

I’m constantly amazed at how uninformed small local companies are when it comes to the importance and value of having a proper logo and building a brand. …

Anthony Acosta

Anthony Acosta Sc.D. is an Award-Winning Creative Director. Author, Consultant, Marketing Strategist, Engineer, Developer. Aspie.

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