There are a few basic rules to follow for structure and then there’s the content.

The Basic Rules*

Use short sentences.

Use a short first paragraph (The Lead)

Be eloquent and energetic

Be positive not neutral or negative

*These are also known as Hemingway’s rules

About the lead

The lead is the intro to a story. This needs to stand alone and inform the reader about the most important parts of the story. If someone reads the lead and it’s peaked their interest, then they’ll continue reading the rest of the story.

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Bones of the Story

This is the main content and it’s where many writers/journalists get stuck. The easiest…

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dream’t of in your philosophy.” — William Shakespeare

Reality is big.

Really big.

It’s so big that we can barely perceive all of it.

There is so much more information in the world around you that if you would be able to capture it all, you’d probably go crazy. In fact, what you, me, and everyone see, is not really reality, but “a subjective approximation of reality” aka “Perception”.

This perception includes a defense mechanism that prevents us from seeing too much reality. …

Achieve Greatness with your content

We all know that content is king. It’s the key to increase traffic, increase engagement, and experience the rush of success. So, since we all know we need to create quality content, the question is… HOW? What does it take?

Collaboration is the key. One person can do it all, but having a singular person creating all the elements required for a great post can come at a price. Lack of vision. …

This article is for the resellers of social media pages. Specifically those that are reselling “sponsored” posts on their Facebook page feeds to third parties.

I’m going to ignore for now the fact that it’s a violation of Facebook’s TOS and that your Facebook page can be shut down if you are reported, but if you ARE going to do it, let’s at least do it the right way.

Yes, there is a right way that it can be done that does not violate Facebook’s policy, but you have to be VERY VERY careful in how each campaign is created…

Better conversions through quality storytelling and narrative control.

In creating ads for a large media company, I have come to realize that so many people in the Ad industry are really clueless when it comes to creating online marketing campaigns. I think many marketers and media representatives are uncomfortable with online campaigns and tend to fall back on what they know from traditional media. Because they are more comfortable in that medium, they tend to transfer a lot of that into their campaigns which they turn around and sell to unsuspecting advertisers. They sell Facebook posts and Twitter mentions using…

Why do we make bad decisions? Are we really that dumb? We’re not bad people? What is it that makes us have such terrible decision making skills.

  1. You don’t fact check. You just assume.
  2. You don’t expect things to go wrong, but they do.
  3. You don’t make a decision so you miss the opportunity.
  4. You assume that the past is still true when sometimes it isn’t.
  5. You don’t have a goal, so your decision doesn’t take you anywhere.
  6. You can’t decide because you’re waiting on someone else to decide first.
  7. You’re trying to figure it all out by yourself without…

Many companies think that buying advertising online is pretty straight forward. You fill out the forms, pay, and viola! Success! Then they wonder why their sales didn’t increase, or why customers haven’t come into their stores. They spent the money, right? They spent 5 minutes creating the banner, right? That’s all you need to do, right? A little bit of research and a little bit of strategy can help your online ad efforts go a long way.

Here are some rules you should stick to.

  1. NEVER just buy ads everywhere online to see what sticks.
    When your campaign resonates with your…

Developing a Logo, a Brand, and Brand Indicators

Image courtesy of

I’m constantly amazed at how uninformed small local companies are when it comes to the importance and value of having a proper logo and building a brand. There is such little awareness that there is such a thing as brand development and that this is the secret that can launch their company into unimaginable success.

A logo? It’s amazing how this small yet oh-so-important aspect of a fresh new company is so often overlooked and just slapped together without much consideration for the ramifications and potential benefits for said business. …

Anthony Acosta

Anthony Acosta Sc.D. is an Award-Winning Creative Director. Author, Consultant, Marketing Strategist, Engineer, Developer. Aspie.

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